Super Users

What is a Super User?

A Nanolab super-user is a regular Nanolab user who has received additional training on a processing tool so that they can train other users on that tool. Users are encouraged to become super-users. Not only will you provide valuable service to the laboratory, you will also demonstrate that you are a responsible and dedicated laboratory member by giving back to the laboratory



For every hour of training time you will receive:

  • A laboratory usage credit so you are not paying to train others.
  • An additional laboratory usage credit as a way of paying you for your service.
  • An additional machine credit for chargeable equipment as a way of paying you for your service.
  • Priority on equipment training lists so you don’t have to wait as long to be trained on equipment that you need to use.
  • The ability to train others in your laboratory without holding a public training.
  • Periodic parties held by staff to acknowledge super user contributions.


Training Responsibilities

  • Train users from the Nanolab specification step by step without leaving anything out. Problems with the specification should be reported to the lab manager.
  • You will be asked to train every 1 to 2 months depending on the number of super users.
  • You may train users in your group at anytime but should notify the lab manager in advance.
  • Use the training form to sign up all users and return the form to Jamie’s folder in the gowning room when done.
  • Be sure to indicate in the logbook that the equipment was used for training or qualification of users.
  • Super users get credit for training while users get charged for training if users from outside of your group attend the training session. We must have an accurate list of trainees and the length of time trained.